Julia, Australia

Just one session with Sarah changed my life. Her keen mind and empathetic ears unblocked what seemed to be a surface problem to make me realize a deeper desire and calling. I was able to change direction of my life completely to plan a career that serves me, rather than a carrier that I serve. She helped me realize that what is truly important to me through paying clear attention to my blind spots, as well as inviting me to look at my problem from a different angle. 

From the beginning of our session, she set clear expectations and made sure we are on the same page. Her biggest strength is her sharp attention - she doesn't let things slide and skillfully guides her clients to realize what they truly want and need. Her intuition also ensures that she knows what her client needs without taking much time - even though English is not her first language, I was very satisfied with our session in English. 

I very much recommend her as a coach!