Best Version of myself

Decided to be happy
better and faster?
Want professional help to find joy, happiness and inner peace??

Fed-up about stagnating and feeling inconsistent? 

Want to feel balanced, safe and proactive? 

Let's go searching what is highly important to you now and what you want the future to look like; then you'll find how to get there or at least to make sure that whatever you will have achieved is in line with being the best version of yourself.

We'll set off change! 

Recognizing the present and finding how to go forward, with pride and a smile on your face. 

Why choose me?

I am passionate, authentic and continuously update my coaching method(s).

After listening carefully to you, I can accompany you on a path of change. 

Over the years, I first started this experience in the world of luxury and then decided to make it my main job, in a more generic field, focusing on women and the solution to their everyday challenges. 


If you need a different point of view, my colleagues and I will always be able to help you. 

I thoroughly follow ICFs Code of Ethics