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What is right for you?

Amazing forward thinking precious pragmatic tools

One-to-One Coaching

An hour to put yourself in the centre, listening to your needs, desires and expectations. 


To achieve your goals, you will find a safe, serene and comfortable environment in which to relax and be you. 


Together, you will create the path to realise your desires by overcoming fears, obstacles and apprehensions that have stopped you until now. You will rediscover the best version of yourself and build on whatever is left. 


1 Hour 120 Francs

Amazing pleasure rapid concise effective

Individual Coaching + follow up

The one-hour coaching session will be written down and shared so that you can review what was discussed in the middle of your journey. 

1 Hour+ 150 Francs

Relaxing magical fabulous, synergy

One-to-One coaching
+ massage

IN ADDITION to the one hour coaching session, depending on the situation, you will receive a half-hour foot massage to create harmony between body and mind.

ASCA agreement not on the way anymore

2h 200 francs

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Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching

One year online coaching in 1:1 on a pre-defined theme:




Positive behaviour

New habits

Your topic


Unlimited number of sessions with an action plan to be carried out by you before you can book a new session 


Coaching focused on getting you unstuck: the sessions last 15 minutes and allow you to keep focused, identify and remove the obstacles to your progress.


Each 15-minute session is recorded and is available for replay.

One year, unlimited 1'440 Francs

10% discount on any payment in advance of three sessions


Tight budget? We can find a way that will suit both.

Reservations: L'équipe
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